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Limited to 9 initiatives
Unlimited blocks
Access to templates

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Unlimited workspaces
Unlimited boards
Unlimited initiatives
Unlimited blocks
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Additional premium blocks:
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Common Questions

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What is the difference between the Free and Basic plan?
The Free plan is limited to one workspace, one board, and 9 initiatives. This is a great place to start if you are a small team, or want to pilot Matryo with one department in your company.  The Basic plan unlocks unlimited workspaces, boards, and initiatives.
What is the difference between the Basic and Pro plan?
Our Pro plan expands on the functionality of the Basic plan: you get unlimited workspaces, boards, and initiatives but also Premium blocks and third-party integrations. Our Pro plan will be available Q1 2023.
How does the 30-day trial work?
After 30 days, your account will be downgraded to a Free plan.  Don’t worry, your existing workspaces, boards and initiatives will stay the same but you will not be able to create new items without upgrading.
Will I be charged for each guest?
No, you can have an unlimited number of guests per initiative. Guests, on the other hand, cannot join more than three initiatives per workspace.
What are premium blocks?
Premium blocks expand on the basic functionality and tailor your experience based on your goals.  You can use these as a gateway, meaning the next block cannot be accessed until the previous is completed.

Signature block: A signature must be completed before proceeding.
Payment block: A payment must be completed before proceeding.
Outcome block: When a discussion leads to a decision, you can transform the block into an outcome.
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