Why You Should Collaborate With Your Customers

Now more than ever, companies must examine and transform their business to find new ways to deliver meaningful experiences to their customers. And to transform, the company must listen.

How do we foster team collaboration?

Business collaborations are the foundation of your company's success. The goal is to get teams to work together to achieve common initiatives. A team is not just a collection of individuals (Why is it so difficult to achieve efficiency in a team?), it must be a real working group.

How can we organize ourselves at work?

There’s no doubt about it, a productive workday depends on a solid foundation of staying organized. Productivity cannot be improvised, it must always be prepared in advance. In other words, starting your day without the proper planning will not allow you to have a fully productive day.

Pomodoro technique: dividing work to gain productivity

In this article, we look back at the origin of the Pomodoro technique and how best to implement it. Then we look at its benefits and present some alternatives to the Pomodoro method.

Why is it so difficult to achieve efficiency in a team?

Why is it so difficult to achieve efficiency when there are many of you? Here we look at 4 reasons why it is not so easy to be truly efficient when working in a team.

Everything starts with an initiative

The longer we use a chat tool, the more disorganized and difficult it is to find relevant information as fast as possible. We’ll take a look at how this came to be, and what you can do to fix it for your work.

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